Company Overview

CHR, Inc (Caring, Helping Restoring Lives), a Faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation was founded in May 1996 by Clinton & Mary L. House. The purpose of establishing this company is for the caring, helping and restoring of lives to the under and unemployed, as well as, the victims of domestic & sexual violence who are challenged with poor credit, homelessness, minimal job skills, education, and the confidence to break these barriers. We provide constructive convenient information to employers, businesses, workers and job seekers, and victims and survivors of domestic violence in Southern Nevada for education, advocacy, and job placement. Since 1996, CHR, Inc. has helped hundreds of Nevadans with transitional housing, utility assistance, childcare, transportation & food vouchers. We also assist them with other supportive services based on their individual needs.


The goal of CHR, Inc. is to provide services that will create a safe place where individuals can come to begin their healing process. Our services will evaluate the victim’s overall needs, provide workshops and activities that increase awareness, assist in creating a safety plan, promote healing and utilize a pool of resources for referrals. We will provide culturally specific employment and training services that will include supportive resources (i.e., assistance with transportation, rental, food, grooming, clothing, and childcare needs). In addition, we will provide services to victims of domestic violence by offering positive reinforcement, encouragement, and a solid support system. These services will have equipped victims of domestic violence to recognize and acknowledge the dangerous situations they are in, to accept that the only person at fault is the abuser, take comfort in the fact that they are not alone, and that the abuse does not have to continue. We will provide resources to help decrease the number of victims who remain not only in a victimized state but we will educate them to change the historical and cultural barriers that prevent them from access to mainstream services.

How to help:

Volunteer—We look forward to you working alongside us. Please contact us for updates on events or opportunities to make a difference in our community.

Referral—If you know someone that is affected by domestic violence please have them contact us or “be a friend and bring a friend to one of our Workshops.”

Support—You can also assist by making a financial contribution.