Success Stories


Wrought with the emotional pain martial separation often brings, Alvin struggles to raise three school-aged children on his own simultaneously works forty hours plus per week.

He was attending classes at the Community College in the evenings. Alvin long ago established a dream of providing compassionate medical care as a registered nurse. While personal and financial hurdles continue to burden Alvin, he refuses to relent on his career goal. Knowing full well he is the sole source of support, love, and motivation for his children.


Delicately balancing the tumultuous life of a working single parent attempting to earn child care licensure while simultaneously caring for a terminally ill child, Sharon never once questioned her plight.

Providing sole emotional and physical care for her son, Sharon attended GED classes during her lunch and child care courses in the evening in an effort to realize a dream of being a self-employed child care provider. Sharon battled her child’s illness until his recent passing, which devastated the core of her very being. Determined to grasp success if only for him, she continues to walk her fated path, each step more confident and assured.


After spending several years earning mediocre wages with employers which failed to offer advancement or growth opportunities, Calvin decided to pursue a career in the transportation industry as an over the road truck driver, allowing him financial security and an opportunity to travel.

The one hurdle which has prevented Calvin from realizing economic self-sufficiency was his lack of high school completion. Perturbed by the inability to complete his high school over twenty years ago, Calvin held his chin high and enrolled in night classes, determined to fill that corner of longing in his heart. Several months later, an elated Calvin enrolled in truck driving school knowing his dream was now within reach. He successfully completed school and obtained his CDL licensure, propelled by the flame of financial burden slowly licking at his heels. Shortly after completing training, Calvin packed his bags and traveled to California, eager to attend orientation with a new employer, knowing his past struggles were being left behind.


Torn between the need to provide an economic contribution to her family and the inability to secure affordable daycare, Ernelyn sacrificed the pursuance of a career in the medical industry and quietly settled in as a homemaker.

As time passed, financial pressure began to mount as Ernelyn realized the need to re-enter the workforce, despite the soaring expenses associated with the childcare industry. Determined to establish a career in the medical industry, Ernelyn completed vocational training throughout the day, while providing care for her children in the evening. With training completed, she struggled to secure employment which would correlate with her spouse's work schedule, in an effort to bypass the need for unaffordable daycare. Ernelyn labored to complete an unpaid externship at a Women's Clinic in an effort to gain experience and employability in the medical industry. Light eventually entered her tunnel, when she secured viable employment in the medical billing and coding industry.


…had been enjoying her employment at McCarran International Airport as a Security Screener Supervisor. She supervised 76 security screeners for the Southwest Airlines and United Airlines gates.

Due to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC on September 11, 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration enlisted new job requirements for all security screeners to pass in order to remain employed. Due to circumstances beyond her control Stephanie was laid off from her position and was unable to obtain employment in her profession. She was left to try to obtain employment that would not offer any satisfaction or enjoyment for her. She felt she had no choice but to go back to school to change careers. Stephanie began her journey with a WIA service provider to pursue her dream of becoming a Medical Assistant. She was approved for her schooling and began school in spring 2002. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the provider she was working with closed down and her case would be transferred to a WIA provider assigned to her case. Stephanie had heard about CHR, Inc. and called Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board to request CHR, Inc.’s help so that she could continue with her schooling at Pima Medical Institute. CHR provided financial and emotional support to her when she was feeling very frustrated and unsure of what to do. Stephanie completed her schooling in January 2003 and was immediately employed as a Registered Medical Assistant in a physician’s office. She has been working ever since in this field and thoroughly loves what she does.


…came to CHR in September 2004 unemployed and unsure of her direction towards employment. She is a single parent of three children, two of whom are developmentally disabled.

Her daughter was having surgery and would require recovery time. Tammy started with smart steps. She worked with her Case Manager and the Job Developer to create a resume so that she could start applying for employment and boost her self-confidence. Tammy also worked on setting small attainable personal and professional goals for herself. Within two weeks Tammy had obtained employment with Hilton Vacations as a supervisor. She then faced the hurdle of daycare for her children. Tammy spoke with her Case Manager at CHR and CHR agreed to assist her with one month's daycare expenses so that Tammy could save and plan for daycare expenses in the following months.

Tammy has since left Hilton Vacations and now works with Clark County Housing Authority of Clark County as a Housing Commissioner. She has been elected to travel to the Washington Congress. She has also gone back to school at UNLV to pursue her goal of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management. She is receiving full tuition assistance through various grants and is on target to graduate in fall 2007.


...had been employed in the airline industry for several years as a pilot for American Airlines and TWA. Prior to this, he served in the military as a pilot.

He had enjoyed his many years as a pilot when September 11, 2001, took place. Shortly after 9/11, he was furloughed along with thousands of other people by American Airlines. James dream was to retire as an airline pilot and this was now in jeopardy. He applied to numerous airlines, but no airline was hiring. When James came to CHR he had been for almost one year. He had done some research on the Helicopter Flying industry and found that this field was growing. James decided to pursue training to become a Helicopter Flight Instructor with Silver State Helicopters. With CHR's help, he was able to obtain his certification and achieved his goal of becoming a flight instructor. James is now a Certified Flight Instructor with Silver State Helicopters and teaches prospective pilots to become helicopter pilots. He still is able to fly which has always been his lifelong dream.


…and her husband were both flying the friendly skies with National Airlines in November 2002. Kathy was a flight Attendant and her husband was a pilot.

They had just had a new baby and Kathy was on maternity leave when National Airlines ceased all operations with no notification. She and her husband were both out of work and the only income she had was her and her husband's unemployment. With the airline industry in decline due to the effects of 9/11, both Kathy and her husband faced an uphill battle with trying to obtain employment in the airline industry. Kathy also found that her medical coverage had not been paid by National Airlines and she was faced with paying all of the medical expenses in relation to having her baby. She and her husband applied in vain to obtain employment in the airline industry. Kathy came to CHR a year after her layoff with mounting debt due to unexpected medical expenses and being unemployed for over a year. She and her husband were still unemployed a year after the closure of National Airlines and trying to provide for their child. Kathy had decided to change her career and draw on her customer service experience and pursue training in real estate. With the help of CHR, she was able to successfully complete her Real Estate Sales Agent Training and obtain her real estate license. Almost immediately she began employment with Prudential. She made her first sale almost immediately due to her hard work and dedication.

Kathy was the top selling agent in her team last quarter and won an all-expenses-paid vacation to Australia for herself and her husband. Her husband has since obtained employment with America West Airlines as a pilot.


...came to CHR, Inc July 2003 with wanting to change careers as he was laid off his last job. Robert had some idea of what he wanted to do but knew that he needed to be trained and secure employment.

After deciding on truck driving he was ready to begin, but he was in an automobile accident. This left him hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. After fully recuperating and released by his physician, Robert returned to CHR, Inc to begin his training.

Robert completed his truck driving training and finished it earlier than expected. He has secured employment with Conway Western Express with a substantial salary. Recently, he was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, but he continues to fight and is hopeful that he will return back to work soon. CHR, Inc honors Robert for his hard work and perseverance to achieve the unthinkable.


Financially uprooted and an emotional awash, Ruth struggled to discover a sense of self after experiencing an airline lay off in the wake of 9/11 monstrosities.

Ruth who came to CHR, Inc through outreach to a local church was in disbelief that she was an unemployed flight attendant. Ruth began her job search but had no success in finding employment. Determined to achieve self-sufficiency again and to rebuild her career, Ruth designated cosmetology as the industry upon which her mark would be made. Upon successful completion of esthetician training and obtaining her license, Ruth was able to secure viable employment in an industry geared towards establishing her self-sufficiency and self-confidence.


…is a single mother of two teenage girls 16 & 18 and a grandson. Latasha is currently employed at Smart Start Daycare. She is currently attending GED preparation courses to realize her career goal of providing structured guidance as an educator.

Latasha’s story is simple; she wanted to achieve something outstanding in her life so that her daughters would also want to achieve something great in their lives. This is a mother who encouraged her pregnant 17-year-old to continue with high school and graduate. While interviewing her I found that education is a priority to her.

Latasha worked very hard to achieve her Child Development Associate Certification (CDA). Knowing this certification would enhance her career options of possibly owning and operating her own daycare one day. We honor Latasha as she is a role model not only for her family but also to others.


Diane Francis was one of our first clients. She came to us lacking adequate housing and employment.

She desired to have a home to call her own and find a career. Diane struggled but secured two-part time jobs. Upon securing employment, she was then able to move into her own home and began to pursue her Culinary Training at Community College of Southern Nevada. Diane will graduate in a few months with her degree in Culinary Arts. With the assistance of CHR, Inc Job Developers she will be able to secure employment with a major employer. We are especially proud to honor Diane Francis for her willingness to accept guidance, assistance, and trust in CHR, Inc. to help her realize that her dreams can come true.